Stop Transource Energy Power Lines IEC Project In Pennsylvania

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Tell the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) NO To Transource Energy’s Independence Energy Connection. This 230 Kv IEC Project is not needed, nor wanted, and is destructive to York and Franklin Counties in Pennsylvania

An Ohio-based utility company, Transource Energy, plans to take 45 miles of serene countryside in southern Pennsylvania into northern Maryland for an overhead power line project that will not benefit the impacted region. This region is rich in family farming traditions, agro tourism, scenic byways, Amish culture, equestrian facilities, and solid communities of working people who choose to live in quiet rural environs.

Dubbed “Independence Energy Connection”, there is no demonstrated need for this $320 million project to the electric consumers in the region, yet it is geared to make millions for Transource and its parent partners American Electric Power (AEP) and Great Plains Power (GXP).  The costs for this project will be borne by the electric consumers in rate hikes, and by the affected landowners in loss of land use. These right-of-ways would be 135’ wide, 45 miles long and contain 135 ft tall 230kv steel towers.


  • There is no demonstrated need for this project for electrical reliability and no benefit to the people of southern Pennsylvania who it will impact.
  • This is planned for a region that is already burdened with numerous powerline right-of-ways and one gasline. The regional power grid manager, PJM, which approved this project, should reconsider and address the real need to better maintain, upgrade and fully utilize those existing right-of-ways.
  • This project will destroy property values and negatively affect the real property tax base of this community.
  • This project has the potential to severely impact the sensitive local economy of agricultural tourism.
  • The tactics used by the land agents employed by Transource have been dishonest and coercive. The marketing campaign for this project has been misleading to landowners and community members, and preys on ill-informed and lower-income property owners who cannot afford their own legal counsel. 
  • It will adversely affect the environment including the local natural resources of streams, creeks, woodlands, fields, wildlife and foliage.
  • No monetary recompense can mitigate the harm done to the visual resources of this beautiful region.
  • Negative Health Impacts have been demonstrated from these types of power lines not only to humans but to livestock and wildlife alike.
  • The projected savings over 15 years that Transource claims the region will realize will amount to less than $1 off electric bills and will be offset by the costs of this project, which will burden the ratepayer.
  • Transource failed to give adequate notice to affected residents. Contrary to their claims that there is no interest from the community, there is a strong, demonstrated protest to this project from the community. This is not, as Transource claims, an undeveloped area. We are here.  Join us by signing this petition.