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An investigation of the police brutality committed against Robert Leone

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Two years ago, 31 year old Robert Leone was driving late at night when he failed to pull over for a state trooper car. Mr. Leone did not speed or attempt to avoid the troopers, and was eventually successfully "pulled over" and driven into a ditch. A police car blocked his door, and he was instructed to get out. After attempting to tell the trooper that he could not get out, he was shocked repeatedly with a taser, and was forced out of the car from the other side. The troopers then proceeded to brutally beat and tase him while he lay facedown on the ground. During this assault, one trooper punched Leone in the face and broke his hand. Afterwards, they pulled him into the car, handcuffed. After claiming that Leone had spit on one of them, the Troopers began beating and tasing him once again after hog-tying him in the back, as they decided that the cuffs were not enough restraint. Leone was then taken to the hospital for treatment. However, one of the troopers overheard Leone begging one of the nurses for help, claiming that the troopers had beaten him. Upon hearing this, the troopers ordered all hospital personnel out of the room and proceeded to beat Mr. Leone once again for trying to inform the staff. He was then taken from the hospital untreated and incarcerated. He waited in prison 6 months for a trial in which he was tried on 24 charges, including assault for breaking a trooper's hand with his face. Although he was found not guilty on all but 4 of the charges, and the 6 months he waited in prison should have been a sufficient sentence, he was given 1 1/2-4 years in prison. He has been brought up for parole and denied parole twice- once because he failed to attend a DUI class while in prison (DUI was one of the 20 charges he was found not guilty of in the trial) and once because the parole board lost the paperwork. Leone may very well stay in prison until the statute of limitations on the charges he could press on the troopers has expired.

For more information on this instance, go to At this link is a 30 minute long documentary, including police dashboard cam footage of the incident and court records. Please take the time to get the full story on this instance of astonishing police brutality and cover-up.

Please call for an independent criminal investigation of the police brutality committed against Robert Leone. An innocent man was repeatedly beaten and sent to prison because of the crimes of these state troopers. This deserves a criminal investigation.

To directly contact the Pennsylvania State Police, please visit the following links:

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