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Pennsylvania Hospital: Stop Giving Newborn Baby Dillen Morphine Against His Mother's Wishes!

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Parents and guardians should have the right to choose the type of medical protocols that they want for their children. They should also have the right to say no to toxic medicines and drugs with detrimental side effects in favor of safer modalities. This they should be able to do without fear of harassment and without fear of having their parental rights jeopardized.

Questions beg to be asked and we  demand answers!  

What is the proof that the hospital has that morphine is safe to administer to  babies and that it will cause no harm?

Why aren't more hospitals interested in investing in safer, nontoxic treatments to administer, especially when it comes to pediatric medicine?  (And yes, those types of treatments do exist.)

Why is it that all of the medicines that the mainstream medical establishment promotes has the potential to be debilitating and lethal? 

And how bad of a reflection is that upon our society that we have allowed this to become the standard of care for babies?

Jade Nelson gave birth to Baby Dillen, a seemingly healthy baby boy at Pennsylvania hospital.  Jade's issue is that she has sickle cell anemia and is prescribed morphine for pain management.  Unfortunately Jade doesn't have many choices for medication because, truth be told, sickle cell anemia, which is considered a "Black" disease, has never been given the prominence that it needs by the medical profession and there has never been a rush to find a cure. So being left with not many choices, she would take morphine only when her pain became intolerable and did so under her physician's care. After giving birth, several family members saw Baby Dillen and observed no signs of addiction.

Despite this, Dr Jeffrey Gerdes prescribed injecting the baby with morphine every three hours against his mother's wishes and has refused to provide the family with any kind of medical tests showing that the baby had been experiencing duress or withdrawal symptoms prior to administering morphine.  When Jade objected to what the hospital was doing, and informed them that she wanted to take him to a different one, the hospital became very hostile toward her and her family.   They issued an amber alert, armed guards were ordered to follow her every move while in the hospital, and her family, including Dillen's father, has been prevented from visiting her and the baby.  Moreover, the hospital obtained an order giving them the right to administer the drugs .  The mother has yet to be granted a hearing in this matter.    

 Jade Nelson has done nothing wrong.  She simply is a caring mother, with sickle cell anemia, for which the primary treatment in this country is opioids!   And It appears that the hospital is fully exploiting her sickness so they can pump her baby up with drugs! It wouldn't be the first time the University of Pennsylvania health systems used humans as guinea pigs. In 2000, 300 inmates sued the hospital for conducting human experiments. The hospital used these inmates as human guinea pigs to test products for corporate behemoths like Johnson and Johnson.  Here is a link to that info

The potential side effects that this baby is at risk of experiencing due to such aggressive treatment is staggering. The pocket guide to the Physician's Desk Reference states that the most hazardous side effects of morphine is respiratory depression (dangerously slow breathing) to which the elderly and the weakened are especially vulnerable. And what can be more fragile than the life of a newborn baby?

It goes on to list over two pages of warnings and side effects of morphine.which include anxiety, depression, irritable mood, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, rapid heart rate, rigid muscles, seizures, sweating, slow heartbeat, abdominal pain, anemia, heartburn, irregular heart beat, rash, rigid muscles, low blood pressure, sluggishness, and a whole myriad  of other symptoms  too numerous to mention here.

In his book, “The Terror of Pediatric Medicine,” Dr Mark Sircus calls our little ones “the most vulnerable.   Dr. Sircus writes,  “the rapid development of children both before  and after birth can make them more susceptible to harm from chemicals”  and  Drs.  Herbert L Needleman,  and Philip J. Landrigan in their book, authors of “ “Raising Children Toxic Free”  state that children are more vulnerable to the dangers of toxic chemicals than adults.    But whether or not one believes in the efficacy of allopathic or naturopathic medicines, parents and guardians should have the right to decide the medical protocols to choose for their children.  This is especially true given the fact that  today's traditional medical practitioners can neither guarantee that a medicine will heal someone, and nor can they guarantee that it will do no harm. 



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