STOP Pennsylvania House Bill 2344

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Pennsylvania House Bill 2344 is a step in the wrong direction.If this gets passed in Pennsylvania it will be a great step in disarming Pennsylvania citizens.Because guns are useless without bullets.The fact this is being smoke screened by Covid-19 hysteria makes it difficult to get people's attention.House Bill 2344 is a Gun Control Bill that tries to limit access ammunition. H.B.2344 if passed go into effect like this

-You will be required to apply for a Ammunition Purchase Authorization Permit. 

-You will Apply for this permit to the Pennsylvania State Police. Which costs $50 and you have to renew your premit every 4 yrs. 

-It permit will take 30 days to process your permit and background check. 

-It will track all of your ammunition purchases.And it gives the state the right to revoke your ammo permit. 

-Every ammunition purchase there will be a $3 tax that will go to Pennsylvania Firearm Instant Record Check Fund. 

-You can't purchase ammunition from out of state. Without transferring it to a licensed dealer first. 

-You can order ammunition online but it will be against the law to deliver it to your home.You can do online orders but must be delivered to a licensed dealer 1st.

There is still a lot of missing information in my opinion. BUT IT IS A VIOLATION OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT AND SEEMS LIKE A MONEY RACKET.Do we still value the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights? 

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