Save the Graffiti Highway

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The Graffiti Highway is a historic landmark recognized by much of Pennsylvania's as well as surrounding states' young adult communities. Located outside of Centralia, Pennsylvania, this site has been a popular tourist destination for decades.  With less than one day of notice Pagnotti Enterprises, an infamous company with a criminal background (do your research), announced its plans to cover the area with dirt in the upcoming week. Hoping to hide this news behind the presence of the COVID-19 outbreak in the news, the company attempted to cover the land up undetected by young as well as aged adventurers. The company states the reasoning for closing the site involves "littering and liability", yet these same concerns have been raised since the 1960s. Rather than destroying this landmark, why not sell the land back to the government or find another peaceful resolution? Don't let this tragedy go by unnoticed. Sign this petition to help save the historic Graffiti Highway located in Centralia, Pennsylvania in the hopes that Governor Tom Wolf steps in.