Complete the Headquarters Road Bridge

Complete the Headquarters Road Bridge

March 1, 2021
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Governor Tom Wolf and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by al nolan

The Headquarters Road Bridge, which crosses the Tinicum Creek in Tinicum Township, Bucks County, PA, has been closed since 2011. The closure is a serious issue for those living near it, resulting in countless hours of additional driving, wear and tear on vehicles, increased emergency response times, and declining home values. The neighbors are forced to use one-lane dirt roads that damage our cars and the environment. 

PennDOT, responsible for the bridge's maintenance, has determined it cannot be saved and has designed a replacement very similar in appearance to the existing bridge.

Unfortunately, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network has spent the past ten years obstructing the bridge's replacement, with funding from a few wealthy supporters. 

While they feign concern for the Tinicum Creek, they haven't shown any concern about the ford that crosses the creek less than a mile away, where cars and trucks drive through--and sometimes get stuck in--that same creek.

We, the neighbors of the Headquarters Road Bridge, need this nightmare to end and the bridge to be completed. Our lives are being jeopardized by those who put bridge design ahead of our welfare.

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Signatures: 778Next Goal: 1,000
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Decision Makers

  • Governor Tom Wolf
  • Tom WolfGovernor
  • Delaware Riverkeeper Network
  • Bucks County Commissioners
  • Tinicum Township Supervisors