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Keep the Joe Paterno statue and honor him appropriately

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"The whole topic of Joe Paterno being honored or not being honored is a very sensitive topic......We believe that with the report's findings, this is something that will need to be continued to be discussed with the entire university community. This is not just a board decision." - Karen Peetz, July 12, 2012.

The PSU BOT has asked the PSU community to decide if Joe Paterno's statue should remain where it now stands. We are shocked and appalled by the BOT complete lack of back-bone and resolve to protect the very bed-rock traditions of Penn State. Their weakness and lack of loyalty is a disgrace to the Nittany Nation. It shows a complete unwillingness to stand tall for Penn State rather than bowing to absurd public and media pressure that seeks only to harm and destroy us.

We as members of the Penn State community stand resolutely against any attack on our honor, pride and traditions. We will learn from our mistakes and take whatever corrective action is necessary to restore order and our pride in our university. But we will not be pressured by outsiders whose only purpose is to harm and discredit us.

As a symbolic move of solidarity and support for our Alma Mater, we demand that the Joe Paterno statue remain exactly where it now stands-forever! As a permanent reminder of his 61 years of loyal, faithful, remarkable, and generous service to the entire Penn State community

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