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Petitioning Penn State Board of Trustees and Football Coach Selection Committee and 10 others

Penn State: Make Ending Rape Culture a Top Priority (formerly Do not hire alleged gang rape cover up coach James Franklin)

Now that James Franklin is our new Penn State football coach, this petition is not about asking you not to hire him.  This petition is now an historical document that voices concerns that 650 Penn State employees, students, alumni, and friends had in the days leading up to Franklin's hire and in the hours after his hire was announced.

Now it is time to move forward.  

Key Penn State administrators:  Will you take steps to stop the rape culture at Penn State?  Will you engage with our new coach, coaching team, football players, athletes, students, employees, and all members of the Penn State community in learning how not to commit sexual assault and to create an environment that would discourage sexual assault?

Looking at the comments below, this issue is still an important one.


We at Penn State do not want a football coach who has allegedly covered up his players' gang rape of another student at Vanderbilt.  Our university needs to stand up for human rights.***

In response to some comments that allegations of a cover up have not been proven, it is important to remember that there has not yet been a trial. Media has reported that defendants' lawyers may subpoena Franklin to testify about his role, if any, in a cover up of the alleged attacks by his players.  If this happens, Penn State will then be embroiled in another set of rape cases.  What if the trial happens during football season?  What about further sanctions?  This does not have to be our fate, Penn State. Do not hire James Franklin.  

Even if all Penn State administrators are focused on is our brand image as a university, do not hire James Franklin.  

But we should be concerned with more than our brand image, we should be concerned with educating model citizens and providing role models for our students. Higher education should be in the business of providiing the best possible role models for our students.  Have we learned nothing from the horrific cases of Jerry Sandusky?  Do we want to restore honor, not just for our reputation, but for our students, athletes, and alumni?  

Finally, we at Penn State should lead the charge against rape culture.  We should have a zero-tolerance policy against rape.  Hiring our next football coach is a highly symbolic act and a public one. We need to send a message that Penn State does not condone rape.  We do not condone rape culture.  We need to create an environment that teaches people not to commit rape.  We need to serve as role models.  Hire someone whose players are not being accused of rape.  It is time for that to really matter in college sports and in institutions of higher learning.

Do the right thing, Penn State.  Do the right thing.

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  • Penn State Board of Trustees and Football Coach Selection Committee
  • PSU Board of Trustees
    Karen Peetz
  • Penn State
    Bob Warming
  • Penn State-- VP for Administration
    Tom Poole
  • PSU Board of Trustees
    Linda Strumpf
  • PSU Board of Trustees
    Kathleen Casey
  • PSU Board of Trustees
    Mark Dambly
  • PSU Board of Trustees
    Paul Silvis
  • PSU Football Coach Selection Committee
    Linda Caldwell
  • Athletic Director
    Dave Joyner
  • Richardson

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