Help end Yulin Dog meat festival once and for all

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Every year 10,000 cats and dogs are taken from their homes and families where they are tortured, boiled alive, skinned alive and brutally killed.

Animal rights activists have tried to put an end on Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival but none have been successful, they have tried multiple ways to stop this awful festival in China Korea and Yulin, from active protests and riots to signing countless petitions.

Children are seen in the streets screaming and crying as they watch their best friend get horrifically murdered, the children are also seen crying over their pet's body after they have been boiled or burned alive.

In 2017 the Yulin Dog Meat festival was cancelled because of the amount of popular public demands to have it ended, it seems that the Government of China Korea and Yulin have overridden the demand and are letting it go ahead in June 2018.

Let's get this petition on Yulin Dog Meat festival public and let's hope the government of China Korea and Yulin will finally end such a brutal and horrific festival.