Clean Up Pender County!

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The litter and trash have become a big issue in Pender County. On my road alone we have had bathtubs, storage containers, dead animals (in bags), tires, house trash, yard trash and just about anything else you could think of dumped and left for us to deal with. This trash ends up in the ditches  and slows the flow of water which causes problems with our infrastructure and can be very costly to fix. When the trash and plastic does breakdown the small pieces end up in our waterways and becomes a serious danger to animals and our drinking sources. Cigarette butts and other trash are also a major problem on our beautiful beaches, it directly impacts  the birds and ocean life, which hurts the local seafood industry. If we do not have beautiful beaches  and fresh seafood we will lose those tourist who come and visit year after year, not to mention  the fact that our health is at stake. 

We, the residents, workers and visitors of Pender County, are calling on the commissioners and other elected officials to set an example and work to make sure that as a county, we are doing everything we can to move forward towards a green and clean future for our children. We want the commissioners to consider starting  a campaign that will not only educate and inform citizens about the importance of keeping Pender County clean but also encourage residents and visitors to participate and do their part! It will take time and effort but I fully believe that we can make and keep our county clean and beautiful, our future generations are watching and they deserve to grow up in a clean environment where people care about their neighbors!

What we want to see happen:                                                                                 

~Equip all county owned buildings, parks and beaches with recycling bins and trash cans.                                                                                                                   

~Make sure that all local businesses are following the laws and guidelines for recycling and encourage them to have recycling containers available for patrons.     

~Post no dumping signs in the areas that are impacted the most by illegal dumping. 

~Work with local officials in the beach towns and make our beaches smoke free.     

~Send out flyers or put up signs to get the message out to residents and tourist that we want and expect a clean county and why.                                                               

~ Call for a county wide pick up day every 6 months, where citizens come together within their communities and commit to collecting at least one bag of trash per person and disposing of it properly.                                                               

~Consider allowing people to dump their trash for a small (very small) fee if they do not have a sticker. (Free if it is community trash pick up day)                          \

~Oppose offshore drilling.