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Stop Killing 25000 Pity Stray Dogs in Penang,Malaysia

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To International animal activist. especially Geman Citizen see how ur German aunty pity n sad situation in Penang,Malaysia.
Today Penang 4pawsNgo Founder Ms Barbara, a kind german lady that age more than 70 years old move to penang many years ago becos she saw there was so many pity stray in penang, she contributed to penang society and adopted more than 6 hundred of stray dogs in penang in her own shelter to help penang state, she using his germany pension fund to set up the shelter. now, penang state minister Lim Guan Eng wanna culling all 25000 pity stray dogs in penang without listening to foreign expert like WTO, WVS , Mission rabies advise which massive vaccination only can solve this rabies problem but not massive culling. but Lim Guan Eng just refused to listen to more professional foreign full experienced rabies expert team. This afternoon, This kind lady Ms Barbara faint in the seminar because of exhausted for this issue for several days, when she awake, she cried /knee and forehead on the ground to beg Lim Guan Eng Penang State government (all volunteers beside cried along to see this damn pity old german lady action )can spare those 25000 pity stray animal lifes in penang state by massive rabies vaccination, she willing to exchange her life to save those 25000 stray dog life. but Lim Guan Eng just refused to agree. wat a satire and irony for penang state government using this cruel method to repay for this kind German lady come to Malaysia Penang state for her kind contribution to help penang stray dog problem for so many years?

今天槟城4paws的德国几年搬来马帮助收留槟城可怜流浪狗的70岁的救狗人Barbara,人家是外国人,特点来马来西亚槟城帮忙救可怜流浪狗,自己拿 了自己的毕生德国做工的退休金来成立一个流浪狗收容所,一个70岁的外国老妇,为了这件事求也求了,今天下午还不支晕倒了,一醒来就又跪又求又哭又磕头 (在旁的义工看了都哭成一团)。,请求槟城首长林冠英不要屠狗,放过流浪狗一马吧,她愿意用她的老命来交换狗狗的性命,一个德国70多岁的妇女来马帮槟州 收留可怜的流浪狗,但是今天却得到了这样残忍的对待,这就是槟城林冠英政府回报这位德国70岁老人为槟州默默付出的方式,如果消息传回德国,不知道德国人 会怎样想我们这个国家?。但是今天林冠英不听就是不听还是执意要继续屠杀槟城2万5千只狗,真的很无言。大马这个社会是冷血了吗?大马这个社会生病了 吗?为何林冠英不接受外国狂犬病专家建议大规模替流浪狗打疫苗而执意要屠杀完全州25000只可怜流浪狗?外国专家团国际卫生组织WTO,WVS, Mission Rabbies 已经说了大屠杀解决不到狂犬病的问题,只有大规模为流浪狗打狂犬病疫苗才能解决问题,

GEORGE TOWN: A forum on rabies vaccination turned emotional when an animal activist knelt and begged the state authorities not to carry out the mass culling of stray dogs.

Penang Animal Welfare Society (4Paws) founder Barbara Janssen was in tears as she went down on her knees. She passed out momentarily before she was helped up.

“I love Penang like I love the dogs and this is my home.

“If I have to die for Penang for the betterment of dogs, I will do it.

“I have chosen this life so I have to end it like that,” said Janssen during the “Stop Killing Start Vaccinating” forum here yesterday.

She also claimed that there were Penang Island City Council (MBPP) workers outside her shelter in Teluk Bahang, which has some 600 rescued dogs, at midnight.

“I was sleeping outside with the dogs as there were two sick animals that needed my attention.

“I saw the council men stopping by the road and when I got up to look, they went off.

“I have spent more than RM2mil to rescue and provide shelter for stray dogs in Penang over the years,” said Janssen.

Save Our Strays (SOS) spokesman April Sham urged the state government to reconsider its decision on the mass culling.

The forum, attended by some 50 people, was organised by SOS, Penang Hope Of Strays (PHOS), 4Paws and SPCA Kulim.

In Balik Pulau, a third case of rabies was reported, where a 65-year-old man was bitten by a stray dog on Friday. The animal tested positive for the disease.

“However, the man is fine. He was admitted and released after a check-up,” said state Veterinary Services Department director Dr Siti Salmiyah Tahir.

This, she added, was the second case in Penang after the first in Seberang Prai.

She said that as of Sunday, 283 dogs had been culled since the operation began on Sept 16.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he was only doing his job as a state leader by not putting people at risk, adding that he was willing to lose public support over his decision.

“I respect the opinions of animal activists and non-governmental organisations and I hope they will respect mine.

“I only made this decision after getting advice from experts in the state veterinary and health departments.

“I don’t want to put the lives of 1.6 million Penangites at risk.”{B1996276-21F9-432E-9A80-3C1DC3652A8C}


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