Demand for a segment on 'Environmental Education' on all news channels in Pakistan

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Pakistan's economy flows past economic model, at the cost of its environment and biodiversity which has led Pakistan to become the 7th most vulnerable country to climate change and one of the most water-stressed country worldwide (Pakistan can be the next Ethiopia if, the conditions remain same). Remember 2010 floods, 2015 Heatwave, or 2017 smog - they affected 20+ million people with more than 5000 casualties! It can hit any of us (ME, YOU, or the people we CARE about)  

Do we know about these issues? What caused them? What can be done to prevent them?  

The government and media have equal responsibilities to educate the public about environmental issues and to engage in efforts to find solutions to and adapt to the impacts of climate change, remember your role. Your role is what sets the trend.

Let’s urge the media to have a separate segment for environmental issues to educate the masses about environmental conservation! Choose wisely, vote wisely. Awareness is what will lead us to become an empowered nation and a solution-seeking people.

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