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Ban Mr. Sahir Lodhi from Pakistan TV Channels

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Dear Friends,

Mr. Sahir Lodhi lost his calm on a Live Television Ramadan Transmission and started insulting a young female student.

The girl was invited to the show where she was delivering a speech on women issues in Pakistan and gave a call to the founder of the Country, Mr. Jinnah to come down and see his Pakistan - to which Mr. Lodhi interrupted the girl right there and started insulting her, as to how dare she talk like this for Mr. Jinnah. How dare she give a shout out to Jinnah like this? 

This is not it. Mr. Sahir Lodhi also accused Jinnah that he was the one who got many people martyred. This is an allegation on the founder of the country - and I will not take this anymore. I'm the one here, asking how dare he? To be honest, I know he didn't mean it like that - but then, he has to go through the same treatment, which the girl went through. That's when you say, 'a taste of your own medicine'.

Mr. Lodhi went on with his ranting for good four to five minutes - and later apologized to the girl and continued with the Live TV show. 

The whole point here is that you cannot twist the argument, to your convenience and misguide the viewers. You can not blow things out of proportion and misuse your authority as a show host. My plea here is simple that Mr. Lodhi:

1. Misguided the TV One Viewers of that specific Ramzan Transmission
2. Was extremely rude to the girl, shattering her self-confidence
3. Doesn't have the normal ethics and courtesy of being a host
4. Couldn't keep his cool and calm, as a show host

Just today, on 31st May 2017... I saw Mr. Lodhi on his live transmission on TV One, where he was seen saying that the public has just stuck to one portion of the whole argument and when he apologized to the girl that wasn't shown. Well - it was. I saw that but it's not about the girl only. Mr. Lodhi maintained his argument that we shouldn't say anything to Jinnah. The whole argument today was baseless just to hide his day before's error. There was NO need to maintain that argument, but rather would've been better and mature if he had accepted his mistake and said he didn't understand her view point and he apologizes and yes, she never questioned Jinnah. 

I'll take this very systematically.

STEP-1: I demand Mr. Sahir Lodhi to issue a written apology on his official social media accounts and a press conference, to the general public of Islamic Republic of Pakistan whom he has offended and hurt their sentiments and not repeat such antics again. This should be done within a week of having this petition online (End Date: 7th June 2017). If he (Mr. Sahir Lodhi) does the above mentioned or not... in both the cases we move to Step-2. (I am not asking Mr. Lodhi to apologize to the girl - for he did that already in his program)


I'll take these signatures along with a written complaint to PEMRA and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to Suspend and Ban Mr. Lodhi from any more appearances on any TV Channel on Pakistan as a host.

My friends, if you believe I'm doing the right thing, with the above mentioned steps... I would request you to please sign this petition. Thank you very much!

Yours truly,
Taimur Rehman

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