Ban Hamid Mir and Muhammad Maalik

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The entire nation of Pakistan is Hurt

Maulana Tariq Jameel who is a widely loved person across Muslim world was ridiculed by Hamid Mir and Muhammad Maalick on Hum TV

TV anchors got offended because Media’s problems were pointed out, and they settled their score by misusing their power. They confronted Maulana with a disproportionately misperceived version of his kind words of caution and advice to the nation in these testing times. 

These anchors have misused their power in the past  to the extent of posing a threat to the National Security, and incidents like Hamid Mir/Ajmal Kassab will repeat if we don’t take an action today. We believe in freedom of speech, but we strongly condemn hate speech. 

So the Pakistani Nation demands these offenders of public sentiment to be BANNED to set a precedent that they don’t have uncontrolled, unchecked, power to say anything to anyone.