Do not change headmaster to principal

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Pembroke Academy has a great history,being almost open for 200 years! It started as a private high school in 1818, but eventually became a public school in 1969. The title of headmaster has been passed on since the beginning, and has given the school a sense of being regal. That title is being challenged by the school board because of it being more towards men than women, as well as the fact that the school board feels like they need to modernize the wording of it. In my experience, most people thought of principal in a negative connotation, while headmaster was thought of with a positive connotation. The odd thing is all the students, teachers, and alumni are/were telling the school board not to change the title, yet the school board ignored them. Even with the outcry of it being a more male-focused title, a little reminder: there can be (and have been) headmistresses. Let's keep history, and tradition going, and keep the title of headmaster going in the school.

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