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PEGIDA Canada asks for justice from London city council

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Since August of 2017, the city of London has consistently harassed, slandered and created violence against our organization. They have not provided simple protection against violent counter protesters, something that is the right of every citizen. They have encouraged violence against our people, rally after rally.  In September 2017, one of our supporters was punched to the ground.  Oct 13, 2018,  one of our supporters was knocked unconscious by a counter protester. The police stood  and watched it happen. They tried to steal our equipment. The police stood by and watched it happen. 

When is the city council going to apologize, and issue a public statement, condemning violence against our organization?

Following is a statement from the man that was attacked. 

 6 .........yes 6 , Senior citizens that support Pegida tried to present " PEACEFULLY " information regarding threats to Canada and were met by 60 plus violent and loud Anti-protesters .
While we tried to set up , we were exposed to them trying to steal our equipment , damage our equipment and unplug our equipment !
The police just stood back and watched !

I was pushed , kicked , grabbed and while trying to protect our equipment from being damaged by this group I was pushed onto the equipment crushed to the point where I was semi-conscious !

The police just stood back and watched

Thank God for the Sons of Odin who came to help protect us , it was the S.O.O. that pulled me up and held me until I was again oriented to what was going on ! Thank you guys ! After being rescued by the S.O.O. the police finally came and asked if I was ok .......... great job London Police ! (NOT)

My point of this message is " Why" do you "Fear" our message being heard , if it is so easily dismissed by the Mayor , city council , the London Police and the Anti-Protestors it because they don't want you to know the threat to Canadians ..................and to just to make this clear it is not about immigration ! It is about terrorism being preached and promoted in Canada !

I support Pegida and the dissemination of Truth and this violent group has only strengthened my resolve !

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