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Call for a vote on Senate Bill 167 to end outdated and ineffective zero tolerance policies

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Senator Tavares has sponsered a bill that would effectively end zero tolerance policies in the state of Ohio. According to one of her aides this bill is in the Senate Education Committee and has had 3 hearings already. It is up to the chairperson, Senator Lehner to call for additional hearings or to call for a vote on the legislation.

Zero tolerance policies equal zero common sense. This recent article shows one small example of this -  

I recently had a friend who's future has been put in jeopardy because of a zero tolerance policy in TN. These kinds of things are happening all the time to good kids and this must end. Many signed a petition at in opposition to these types of policies and in support of a good kid being punished for a simple mistake.  

Zero-tolerance may have seemed like a good idea in the past, but they just do not produce results and only makes things worse for simple mistakes. Here are a couple of good articles showing that these policies do not work:  

Even President Obama is asking schools to reconsider this policies -  

I am encouraged that Georgia has recently passed some similar legislation - Let's follow their lead and make this happen.  

I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that these policies are not working. I think the regular parent though does not know where to turn to get this fixed. I'm hoping that state legislatures can be the ones to help put an end to these policies. 

If successful, I would like to help others who are interested in enacting similar legislation in their states. Please contact me if you would be interested in pursuing this in your state.  

Please sign this petition asking Senator Lehner to call for a vote on this legislation. We must act on this and we must act now. Every day that this is put off is another chance for an innocent child's future to be ruined for no good reason. Our children's future's depend on us.

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