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Stop Peerless Foods using unsustainable Palm Oil in their Products

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Palm oil used in almost anything you can imagine, from food to cleaning products and even in some cosmetic items. But the disgusting thing is that by the hour around 300 football fields of trees, of animals and of life are being bulldozed to make way for the environmental and humanitarian eyesores that we know as palm oil plantations. And despite the circumstances 'improving' and awareness being constantly raised, palm oil plantations are still causing over 6000 orangutans to die prematurely annually and support child labor in horrible "back-breaking" conditions where the highest daily wage for some workers is as little as US$2.50. The WWF palm oil scorecard reveals that companies such as Coles, Woolworths and even Arnott's have already achieved 100% CSPO by the year 2015, yet Peerless Foods promises to do so by the year 2020. Combined with the fact that 43% of their well-known and highly reputable premium margarines, fats and edible oils contain non CSPO, it is unacceptable that this company is so far behind when it comes to this issue.  The products containing palm oil that you buy support this. The many products manufactured by companies such as Peerless Foods support this. Because of these things, we hope for Peerless foods to start using Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) in 100% of their products by the year 2019.

As you read the words of this petition at this very moment, many children in Indonesia are being treated unfairly and denied of basic human rights. Some of which may never be able to read or write like you. Some of which who’s lives could quite possibly be changed by you doing the very simple action of signing this petition. The child labor that is being supported by this practice is horrendous, with children as young as eight years old waking up early to work near machinery in work environments polluted with a toxic haze caused by fires. The haze itself can cause minor issues such as skin irritation but can also cause major health problems such as cancer and death. A case study revealed that a 14-year-old boy named Jason* works from 8AM to 4PM six days a week in conditions such as these, describing his severe pain as his “palms hurt and arms are sore.” But as his family is in a bad situation, young Jason* has no choice but to work in these conditions. He has no choice but to give up his dream of being a teacher whilst he is pressured to work and is thus denied his education and right to leisure. Would you allow your child to work in poor conditions like this?

This is why we need the consumer’s voice – this is why we need your voice. We must send a message that Peerless Foods needs to stop using any palm oil that doesn’t meet the criteria of being sustainable as the thought of “young palms bleeding” in the process of making palm oil used in everyday products is sickening.

*Real name hidden for Privacy concerns.



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