Justice for Ejaz

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On June 20th, 2020 a 62-year old Pakistani-Canadian, father of 4, Ejaz Ahmed Choudry was shot in cold blood and MURDERED by Peel Regional Police.

Ejaz was a person in a state of crisis, he suffered from Schizophrenia, a very serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. This illness results in a combination of hallucinations, delusions and behaviour that impairs daily functioning and can be disabling. A person suffering from such an impairing illness, who clearly needed help was killed by people expected to protect us, the police. “To Protect and to Serve” is a facade. We do not feel protected when an innocent loved one gets shot down while in his OWN house.

I beg you to please put yourself in the shoes of Ejaz Ahmed Choudry, husband and father of 4. His youngest child being only 7 years old.

Police are not appropriately trained for such crisis response clearly. Why was there no de-escalation carried out by the police. Why was there first call of action to fire shots?! Police officers are becoming the first point of access for persons with mental illness. How do you enter a unit to protect someone from harming themselves and end up killing them?

We demand justice for Ejaz Choudry and the police officers involved in this altercation to be investigated for their senseless actions and killing an innocent father of 4.