Justice for D’Andre Campbell

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All information has been taken from news articles which will be cited at the bottom. 

  On April 6, Peel Regional Police were call to the Campbell home, as they had done many times in the past. The 26-year-old was experiencing a mental health crisis.

  Campbell’s brother, told CP24 that his brother had a knife in his hand, but was not advancing toward anyone, when a Peel Regional Police officer drew his handgun and fired. Killing D’Andre. 

  The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) says that since the incident, they have interviewed four members of the Campbell family, along with four Peel Regional Police officers deemed to have been witnesses. But they have not yet had contact with the “subject” officer of the investigation.

  “The subject officer was invited for an interview, but he has not yet submitted to the interview nor has he provided his notes,” The SIU said in a statement Thursday.

   Ontario law does not compel the subject police officer in an SIU investigation to submit to an interview or hand over their notes.

  Why was a gun pulled out for a mental health issue if no advances towards hurting people were made? 

“Racism is everywhere all over the world. It's here in Canada, too. And we all have to put our eye on it and put a stop to it.” Taken from D’Andres father. 

The officer should be charged for taking an innocent mans life who was calling out for help. He should be forced to give his notes. Something about this isn’t right. 

If the officer is not willing to provide interviews or his notes, he should be charged with murder. 

Let us be the last generation to be f*cked with. No lives Matter until Black lives Matter.