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Please Halt the plans to build on Pomona until viable social and environmentally sustainable alternatives can be put forward.

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The people of Manchester, Salford and Trafford believe that Pomona is a vital greenspace, not only for the well being of the citizens but for the wildlife and environmental impact construction will have. We need to present viable alternatives in the manner of community consultation and urge the stakeholders to consider the environmental and social impact before beginning any construction, presenting CPOs or granting planning permission to construction companies.

This land while once a bustling industrial centre has returned to a very natural and wild place. We recognise that there must be some form of change made but this must be done in such a manner that it limits as much as possible the negative environmental and social impact.

The people of the three above mentioned areas use this space for recreation and outdoor activities, birds migrate here from Africa each spring, rare flora has been found to thrive here and the land can be used in a positive way to help advance the well being of the people in a manner of ways, not the least of which is food production, green energy initiatives and land management education.

The plans for Pomona were made public on the 23rd of July, with August 5th the deadline for objections. We feel strongly that this is insufficient time to properly gather a counter to this plan and urge you to work with the community to help come up with alternatives that would make our city, rightly a leader in a new world. The city that bore the industrial revolution should once again be at the forefront of new progress.

We urge you to consider our stance and work together to make this a place we can all be proud of.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

Detailed information on the flora and fauna species is available in these reports linked to below:

SBI flora and fauna list

Please see for your consideration a series of articles, media and writings on Pomona by a variety of citizens, within these you will find a large number of links to other information and reports.

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