Spanish Dogs Brutally Killed

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We call upon the Spanish Government to help end the use and abuse of working dogs known as galgos and podencos. As reported in The Sun, we are horrified to learn that Spain does not impose harsh penalties to deter hunters who dump their working dogs at the end of the hunting season in early February.

Dogs are commonly abandoned at this time of year because hunters want to avoid caretaker responsibility by providing dogs with food and shelter. Common means of disposal include starvation, hanging, being burned alive, dropped alive down wells or having their throats slashed with knives. It is estimated that 50,000 dogs are abandoned each and every year, many after living short lives fraught with regular beatings that are vicious and savage in nature.

Because galgos are classed as "working animals" they are exempt from animal welfare laws but we want to see this changed to protect these poor animals. Hunters are getting away with animal abuse and murder and the government needs to step in and impose harsh penalties for those hunters or galgueros that are responsible for these atrocities.

We urge the Spanish Government to ban the use of greyhounds for hare and lure coursing and make it illegal just as the UK has done. We also hope to see greyhounds protected by animal welfare laws and harsh penalties for those found abusing these animals. Dog charities do their best each year to save as many dogs as they can but without your intervention many thousands will perish.

Spain, the world is watching.

Help us save thousands of innocent lives. Show us you care and take animal welfare legislation seriously.