Pedestrian Crossing on Glen Huntly Rd near Elster Creek/Elwood Primary School

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Many people enjoy walking and cycling beside Elster Creek/Elwood Canal and 100's of children cross Glen Huntly Rd to go school at Elwood Primary School and Elwood College.  At the moment there is not a pedestrian (Pelican) crossing for people to use, resulting in them having to dodge cars and car transporter trucks on Glen Huntly Rd.  This problem is compounded when the crossing supervisor fails to turn up to help school children cross the road, this happens about 15 times a year.

Installing a Pelican (pedestrian operated) crossing on Glen Huntly Rd would benefit the entire Elwood community. It would make it safer for pedestrians to cross the road.  It would also reduce the number of times vehicles are stopped by the crossing supervisor, as pedestrians would need to wait for the lights to complete a cycle before crossing the road at school drop off and pick up times.