Bring back Victoria High school in Masvingo, Zimbabwe to its former glory!

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We, the undersigned parents of the children of Victoria High School, past pupils and the community in Masvingo Province petition change at the school. Having been one of the top schools in the country, it is now well known that Victoria High School’s standards are fast going down and it has become a worry among parents with children at the school, community and past pupils who are wanting to bring their children for quality education.

 Your attention to this matter is important to not only the parents but also has a bearing on the entire future students and parents of Masvingo and beyond.

 Herewith the grievances that we have concerning the school:-

1.    Poor pass rate at the school. 

2.    Management and delivery of lessons - indiscipline among teachers with some of them absconding lessons, some sell their wares and clothing during lesson time, poor and improper lesson delivery.

3.    Bullying of children caused by too much power of control given to prefects.

4.    Independent audit of school accounts.

5.    Poor maintenance of school infrastructure and grounds whereby the buildings are so dilapidated and filthy as they are mostly unswept. For example the other block is now nicknamed jaradha which houses our children.

6.    Squatting of Great Zimbabwe University students (GZU) in school hostels.

7.    Illegal procurement and late delivery of school uniforms.

8.    Administration workers do not cooperate with stakeholders (us parents) on the welfare of our children.

9.    Inflated invoices for sports and school trips.

10.  Poor security at school – no gates at Temple house and broken windows; some children even sneak out through broken windows at night for example the incident that happened on the night after they had come from Gokomere school for sports.

 We demand that School Authority restore and improve the standards of Victoria High School like before.