Close Down Lifford Greyhound Stadium

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Dear TD

I fully support the proposed closing of Lifford Greyhound Stadium and call for an end to State funding for this cruel industry. I request that you pledge your support to end the State funding of the Greyhound racing industry and for a ban on hare coursing for the following reasons:
⦁ There were 13 injuries and 7 deaths of Greyhounds recorded at Lifford Stadium in 2018, a rise from the previous year.
⦁ 51 greyhounds were injured and 19 greyhounds were killed at Lifford Stadium in the past 4 years.
⦁ The Irish Government spends €16.8 million of our taxes to prop up the greyhound industry while 245,000 hours of respite care for Donegal children with disabilities has been cut to save money.
⦁ Lifford Stadium was dubbed the 'Dog Doping Capital of Ireland' by the Press due to the number of greyhounds testing positive for drugs at the Stadium (one year, 17 dogs tested positive at Lifford). Dogs were still testing positive last year.
⦁ Lifford Stadium is for sale with permission for change of use. Attendance figures have dropped dramatically as interest in this industry of cruelty has waned and public awareness has risen.
⦁ Due to falling public interest, only one race a week is held at Lifford Dog Track, meaning the loss of the few hours' work involved would have a negligible impact on the local economy if the Stadium closed, so that argument has no grounds. The only ones who will lose out are dog breeders who are deliberately over-breeding a 'surplus' of Greyhounds who are then disposed of and the racing dog owners who dispose of the dogs when they are of no more use to them.
⦁ Greyhounds are 'too old' to race by the age of 3-4 years old. They are often then dumped in dog pounds or sold to be run to death at tracks in China, Pakistan or Argentina or butchered at dog meat markets. 6,000 healthy dogs are killed each year as surplus to requirements. Euthanasia means "ending a life to ease pain and suffering'. Killing healthy young dogs who just can't run fast enough is murder.
⦁ A number of Greyhounds from Lifford have ended up in appalling conditions. For example, Glenroe Kay, a 4 year old emaciated greyhound, was found abandoned and tied to a tree in woods near Leeds in the UK. She had ran 20 times at Lifford/Derry between the end of 2014-16 and in 2015 ran at East Donegal Hare Coursing Club, Lifford.
⦁ In December 2016, Greyhound Spiorad was found staggering along a dark country road near Lifford, barely able to stand. He was literally picked up off the road by volunteers from Animals In Need Donegal. All four of his paws were torn and bleeding, his emaciated body covered in sores from head to toe. He is believed to have come from Lifford Stadium or East Donegal Hare Coursing Club. Those responsible for his condition were never traced.
⦁ A few years before, the mutilated bodies of two racing Greyhounds were found in the river at St Johnston, Donegal. The male dog had had his ears hacked off to hide his racing tattoo/identification, the female dog had a rope around her neck - presumably it had been attached to something to weigh her down. Her head had been eaten by rats and so she could not be identified. Due to the extent of decomposition, it is unknown whether they were still alive when they were chucked in the river.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Countless Greyounds have been found abandoned, drowned or dumped in the Pound with broken bones or mutilations, including having their ears hacked off to hide their identification tattoos.

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