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Stop testing on animals

Ever day Animals are beaten, and killed just to make make up, Animals get chemicals pumped into there tummys and needles in there eyes. They get there skin burned off and get random things they use to test these product stuffed inside of them. A little jail time is nothing compared to what these animals go through! They are starved, and killed just to make make up, cleaneing suplies, and anything you might use. Things for babys like pampers baby dipars are tested on animals. This needs to stop NOW. This is stuiped and upseting. NO animal should have to go through any pain for humans at all. Lets stop animal testing one sign at a time. Go on facebook and look up peace girls, we are a group of girls trying to stop animal test. Like our page and i post who test on animals. If we dont by from people that test on animals they will run out of money and more animals will be saved!! lets stop this. Be a hunnys bunnie and sign this now!!!

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  • Peace girls
    Stop animal testing . Peace girls!!!!

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