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Protect Your Volunteers and Reinstate the Director of the Office of Victim Advocacy

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In 2011, I was raped during my service in the Peace Corps. I never thought it was something that could happen to me, and I was devastated. After my assault, I met Kellie Greene, the Director of the Peace Corps’ Office of Victim Advocacy. Kellie worked tirelessly to advocate on my behalf, and she ensured that I could return to service. Because of her support my attacker is now in prison for twenty-eight years. That’s why I’m disappointed to find out that the Peace Corps suddenly suspended Kellie in October.

In response to the CBS News coverage of Peace Corps’ response to sexual violence, returned Peace Corps volunteers and their allies want you to join us in asking the Peace Corps to protect its volunteers and reinstate Kellie Greene.

When I returned to Peru to finish my service, Kellie constantly kept me updated on criminal proceedings of my attacker, and she flew down to support me during the trial. When I exceeded the six session counseling limit and struggled to access health care, Kellie battled the broken systems with me. I could always count on her to be on my side during and after my service, and I’m not alone. In 2014, one in five Peace Corps volunteers reported being sexually assaulted during their service.

Countless current and returned Peace Corps volunteers have to deal with the consequences of non-victim centered policies and a culture that still impedes health and healing for survivors of violent crimes. Kellie challenged the victim-blaming attitudes and behaviors of Peace Corps staff and held Peace Corps accountable to the volunteers. By suspending Kellie for allegedly creating a “hostile work environment,” the Peace Corps is demonstrating that it doesn’t understand the risk that volunteers take in order to serve their country.

Since the creation of the Office of Victim Advocacy in 2011, countless volunteers have benefited from the office’s work, but these responses are still in the minority. The Peace Corps has grown complacent in their progress, and that is why Peace Corps volunteers need a victim advocate who is willing to put the needs of Peace Corps volunteers first. Without Kellie’s leadership and continued reforms, the needs of hundreds of currently serving and returned volunteers will continue to be neglected and put at risk.

I’m asking the Peace Corps to heed the calls for continued reform and not minimize the voices of the brave women and men who have felt compelled to come forward.

Sign this petition to join me, other Peace Corp Volunteers (current and returned), and allies in urging the Peace Corps to reinstate Kellie Greene as the Director of the Office of Victim Advocacy.

If you are a Peace Corps Volunteer that was sexually assaulted or the victim of a crime during service, please contact Congressman Poe via Luke Murry at or Blair Bjellos at to share your experience of how Peace Corps treated you. Without your voices change will not happen! You may request that your information be kept confidential.

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