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"We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at. But... at least I always fought for what I believed in"  

Dear Hideo Kojima and Konami:

We are not the only PC gamers, who fell in love with the MGS franchise. However, as PC gamers who abandoned consoles for their extremely limiting platform, performance, and price premium for services, We know sometimes we get shoved off to the side when it comes to game development.

Now I know your thinking where is he going with this?

PC gamers everywhere, will be forced to purchase a new gaming console to experience MGS5 at it's full potential, when most $500+ gaming pc's would have no trouble with this amazing game.

" In an interview during E3 2013, when asked about a PC release Kojima stated "We are making it", and it will be on par with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. However, he made it clear that the PC port is not their top priority at the moment."

Konami will still not confirm a PC release. 

We can look past not having David Hayter as Snake anymore. But don't shrug us off Kojima! 

THIS IS INTENDED TO BE THE LAST GAME IN THE MAINSTREAM MGS SERIES. So why leave with us without giving us your all Mr.Kojima? What if we as a loyal community want to see MGS5 in the beautiful unbelievable effects your company is renowned for. PC gaming is everyday becoming the king of gaming again. With the release of Steambox this year, and affordable gaming pc's rivaling the prices of consoles, PC's are a great market for your titles.

"When the battlefield is under total control, war becomes ruitine." 

Well, we want to show Kojima that we as PC gamers DO NOT want to be left on the sidelines. This petitions goal: "To Bring this AMAZING triple A title, to the PC, knowing it may be the last time we see Big Boss again."

With the re-release of MGS:Rising Revegeance on PC, we know we have gotten to you already. We PC gamers are loyal fans!  Let's make it a Trend. Let us make it an example for the whole gaming community.

At the end of the day, it is just a game after all, we know this. But it's a game your customers love, so do not sell us short.

The power is in our hands, we can make the difference. We must stand together like we did for the a vast number of times. Remember the Dark Souls port? We did that! Heck they even made DLC for the game just because of us! So put on your bandana and eye patch, lets express our loyalty and love for MGS! Rally your forces and lets show them the customer matters again, and that we loyal fans will not stand on the sidelines.

To Kojima:

"Your games have touched our hearts, and the messages they contain resonate with our generation. Do it with pride and honor, and we will never forget you.

I'm no hero Mr. Kojima, but you can be. Be our hero by showing you didn't forget about us."

Show your support now, and bring MGS5 to PC!

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