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PBS: Our Children Need to See LGBT Families Reflected on TV!

Take a moment to imagine growing up never seeing families like yours on TV and how that might make you feel.  Studies are showing that almost half of the children in the US are not living with both a mother and a father. This means that half of the children in the US are represented by different types of families than are typically reflected on TV.  There are 3 million LGBT parents in the U.S. with some 6 million children. This issue matters not only to those children, but to all of their friends, classmates, family members and allies.

All the children's shows we've seen on PBS have families with ONLY a Mommy and Daddy and children need to see varieties of different types of families. It is important for all children to see same sex parents on TV to help normalize the issue and create more awareness.  Please sign this important petition I started to help all our children have a more peaceful future.  Educating our children early about diversity and acceptance is the best way that we can help prevent bullying and suicide.  Together we can create a brighter future and a more peaceful world for our children!

Please sign your name and pass it along to help spread the word. The more signatures we get the more powerful of a message we will be able to send and the more likely we are to see some changes.

Thank you!

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President & CEO, PBS Paula A. Kerger
Associate Director, PBS KIDS PR & Social Media Melissa Mills
Assistant Director, PBS KIDS Publicity Maria Vera
Our Children Need to See LGBT Families Reflected on TV!

Please consider having a character who has 2 Moms or 2 Dads on one or more of your children's programs so that the 6 million children living in LGBT households in the U.S. can see families like theirs somewhere on TV.

This will have a large positive impact in the lives of our children by creating more awareness, advocacy and acceptance which will reduce bullying and help all of our children live in a more peaceful world.

PBS is supposed to be for the public, so please represent LGBT families who are also your public viewers!

Thank you!

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