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Stop being greedy people who shut down organizations to help the poor.

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It has recently come to my attention that a website known as started a system where members could donate money, and that money would be used to buy gifts and send cash to poor families for Christmas. Using the donate button on the other hand, was apparently a big no-no with paypal, who froze everything. They also made any money that wasn't already spent on little Timmy's new bike be returned.

On the article (found here it was said that in the PDF file on instructions that the donate button could be used on anything deemed as a "worthy cause." The representative being confronted said this wasn't a worthy cause with a quote "You can use the donate button to raise money for a sick cat, but not poor people."

PayPal then made some incredibly ludicrous statements, one being "If you wanted to sell these to the people that bought them, you would need to start a new website." and then outright refused to actually give a reason.

In the end; 'Helen Killer' wrote that he/she wanted to close their account with a result of what I have quoted below.

"At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that “No one above me will talk to you. No one at my level ever makes phone calls. We’re only doing this to help you.”

When I asked how to close my account, he said I had to “refund everything, write a letter saying you understood what you did WAS WRONG AND YOU WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN, and then request permission to close your account.”

Then, for good measure, they froze my personal account, which has revenue from my book sales, e-books and all the other Finnish Folktales Swag. They’ll be holding that money for 6 months.

So to recap:

$ They allowed me to use a donate button, and got a portion of the donations
$ Then made me return the donations, and kept a portion of the fees on the donations
$ They allowed me to use a Buy Now button to sell gifts individually, and got a portion of those sales
$ Then made me return the sales, and kept a portion of the fees on the sales
$ They processed the toy purchases, and made fees on that

They have made a fortune for not doing anything but making me manually return thousands of $2 sales and contributions.

I have been able to guarantee purchase and shipment of the toys, so that part is happening, as are the letters from Santa (most have already been delivered).

However, I am very sorry to say that at this point, I am not able to make a monetary gift to the families. They have frozen everything that was not already spent or donated, and I have no more funds to make a gift of that size.


Apparently using the WRONG BUTTON to do something that everyone understood perfectly means that you misled people into giving you money and that you should return everything, $2 at a time, and PayPal has the right to take a fee of the money being returned. Anyone see the problem here? They are taking Tiny Tim's crutches and beating him over the head with it, while charging $2 per swing.

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