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Get PayPal to protect digital artists and stop unjustified chargebacks!

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Many artists who provide digital artwork to clients are getting scammed on a regular basis using PayPal.  We sell digital artwork to users who claim unjustified chargebacks against us, usually for finished artwork they've already recieved.  This sometimes costs us hundreds of dollars, alot of hassle and headaches, and on top of that we are charged additional fees.  Clients get away with free artwork and the artist gets stuck trying to make up all the money. 

We rely heavily on PayPal in order to reach users all over the world, and most artist make their living on selling their digital artwork. 

Several artists over the past few years have been hit constantly with chargebacks from users, and it always puts us in the red.  We need better protection against these unjustified chargebacks and PayPal needs to do something about it.  Currently PayPal rarely protects against digital goods, especially digital artwork, despite having glaring evidence.  We are told to use invoices to have better protection, but it does nothing to help any of us.  We artists need to take a stand together to get PayPal to start making changes against frauds who use artists to get free digital artwork.

Here are just some instances, mostly from deviantArt, of large chargeback issues, in which none of the artists won their cases, despite having evidence:

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