PayPal blocked account of animal shelter causing forced closure of shelter. Urgent! Help!

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I need your help, animal loving friends!

Call to action! We need to help Vucjak Shelter which houses 400 animals to stay open. Paypal has blocked their account possibly as a result of someone reporting the account on purpose to harm the animals. Money in the account was utilized for food, vet bills, fuel and shelter for the animals. This shelter has been in existence for 20 years. The owner of the shelter will be left with no choice but to release these poor innocent animals which means in all probability they will all be euthanized. PayPal please do the right thing and release the money to the shelter. Time is of essence!If you care please sign this petition to ask Paypal to reverse their action.

The shelter is run by Dejan Gacic. You can visit his FB page

Please sign this petition to have PayPal unblock their account and release the money to them so the shelter can stay open!! The PayPal account is