Bring PayPal to Nigeria

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Bring PayPal to Nigeria

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Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa with millions of dollars in e-commerce potential and Nigerians that want to take part in online transactions cannot fully use PayPal which is accepted as the only payment method on some websites.

This has become a source of frustration for us the Legit people who want to carry out ecommerce online but have no access to this feature. It's bad that everytime I look at this page, I see some countries that don't have much economic prowess on the list. Its so frustrating that some have defaulted to hood-winking the paypal system via proxies, we dont want to anymore!

We have the right to carry out online transactions as much as any other country in the world. Granted, Nigeria is known for internet fraud, but NOT everyone in Nigeria is a fraud. There are people like us who are talented and creative web users and tech gurus. I don't see why we have to suffer for other peoples actions.

This is a petition to bring PayPal to Nigeria and unlock a potential for growth in the Nigerian e-commerce system. i would love to start accepting PayPal payments on my newer projects. 

Paypal could easily partner with existing companies like Interswitch & Paga which has been carrying out transactions online for years without any problems, (and are making a name for themselves) instead they have chosen to ignore us totally as if we are not a country. We wouldn't even mind having to verify identity manually via International passports or something. There are new-age banks like GTBank that I'm sure would kill to be an official PayPal partner. These are possible scenarios that are better than locking a country out totally.

There are many instances where using PayPal could help safeguard us from online fraud too. Everyday we have to enter our credit details on sites we are not even sure we can trust, and pray to God we are not victims of online phishing.

Making purchases on sites like Themeforest, and countless other sites fail miserably because they ONLY accept PayPal payments. How can PayPal lock a whole country out of multiple sites at once is beyond me.

Sign the petition and lets work together to bring PayPal services to Nigeria. We deserve a shot, we are tired of being ostracized by PayPal!

People like:

1. Paga
2. GTBank
3. Interswitch
4. VougePay
5. CashEnvoy

Have been enjoying doing business in Nigeria, but these are locally targeted business. We need more to access other sites that accept a more widely accepted form of payment.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 594 supporters!

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