Payoneer : Let us withdraw our money.

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Wirecard AG filed for insolvency on Thursday. Your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® Card is issued by its subsidiary, Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (WCSL) in the UK. Today, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which regulates WCSL, issued requirements on WCSL, freezing all prepaid card activity for the time being.  We believe that cardholder funds are properly safeguarded and that the freeze will be temporary. 

Thousands of people if not millions had their accounts frozen and they can't access their money. We demand that the account are re-opened so we can withdraw our funds since no prior notice was given to us and that we are not dealing with Wirecard but rather with Payoneer. 

Payoneer's silence on the matter is disturbing so let's stand united to conquer this and get our hard-earned money back. 
Togehter we can do it! Together we can change the world.