Pay Your Freelancers L'Officiel! 520 OWED MORE THAN 1​.​4M EUROS

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Editions Jalou, through L'Officiel, Jalouse, Benjamin Eymère, Erica Bartman, Jennifer Eymere, Vanessa Bellugeon, Marie Jose Jalou and Marie-Cécilia Andretta have hired many freelancers without paying them. Some of these people have been waiting years.

Instead of paying owed money, Editions Jalou even attempted legal action against one photographer to the sum of £1.5million... for publicly asking them to pay. A convenient sum, considering the outstanding balance owed to creatives is more than 1.4million.

If you are owed money by L'Officiel or Les Editions Jalou, you can officially join the class action law suit so we can chase the full amount on your behalf here -

Do not be fooled by offers of 40% pay, or to be paid over 12+ months. These are delay tactics. We will chase what you are owed in full + expenses.

We are calling on your support for Editions Jalou to settle these outstanding payments, admit their mistakes, end all unpaid syndication use of peoples images and apologise for the harm it has caused many people. As a group we will look to fight for any outstanding invoices that are being ignored. This includes photographers, writers, producers, models, stylists and even an entire editorial team running one of the international issues.

They even had a team of people set up L'Officiel NL and suddenly stopped paying them. To not even pay your own team running one of your titles, is a reflection of the family running this publishing company.

This may be the first step in positive change in the creative industries as a whole. Every freelancer has the right to be paid on time for what they do. Like with many employees, theres rent to be paid, mouths to feed, food to buy, and the satisfaction of working hard for your income. Without these talented individuals, titles such as L'Officiel do not have the content they thrive on for their magazines and social media. Give these people, which you lean on so heavily, what they deserve!

A typical examples:

A photographer agrees to shoot. The fee/budget is agreed upon and the photographer takes on the costs of the shoot. This will include costs such as hiring the shoot team/assistants, equipment hire, location/studio hire, photo editing, etc. Upon receiving and publishing the final images, there is radio silence from the magazine. Leaving the photographer to try pay those involved out of their own pocket. The shoot images are then also used in other L'Officiel titles worldwide without every informing or paying the photographer.

I will be donating my full recovered payment and interest to Black Lives Matter, and will be encouraging others to donate their payment interest also. Lets make sure some good comes from this toxic family business.

If you would like to be added to the list that we will be putting to Editions Jalou, please get in touch at with the following info:

- Name/Business Name

- Email Address

- Amount owed

Hopefully this will be the first step in revering unpaid invoices and appealing for stricter late payment laws for freelancers.