Pay uber drivers more and take less from rides

Pay uber drivers more and take less from rides

June 2, 2022
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Started by Carlee Deck

Hello my name is carlee. I am a uber driver in the Tampa Bay area.  

Me and other uber drivers have been taking closer looks into our earnings and have realized that uber is making almost the same as the drivers on each trip. 


For instance, I picked someone up from the Tampa International Airport and drove them to Orlando. For this trip I was paid $73. When looking into the earning info for this trip after it was completed, I found that Uber had charge this person just under $140 for the ride. So uber made just about the same amount as I did for the trip. Doesn't seem very fair. 


This is now basically how every trip is when I look into the earnings details. 


We use our own personal vehicles, we provide the gas, we put wear and tear on our vehicles and pay for maintenance  ourselves as well. 


How does uber think it is fair to charge a rider almost $140 for a trip and then take half of the earnings? 


All I'm asking is we all come together and sign this petition and demand we limit the amount  they take, no matter how far the trip is. I think a reasonable limit on how much they can take is about $30 dollars. There is no reason why they need anymore then that off of one trip when we are doing the labor. "Service fees" should be consistent and should be set in brackets and not be on a sliding scale. 


I think a 70/30 split is reasonable with the 70% being for the drivers. 


Gas isn't getting any cheaper and it seems like uber has no concern for the rise of these prices. 

Please sign and share with other drivers. Let's get this going. We deserve better than this!


Let's come together and make this change happen for all of us!

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Signatures: 325Next Goal: 500
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