Pay Good Earth workers a living wage.

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Good Earth Workers deserve a living wage, especially during the current Coronavirus pandemic, where they are being exposed to a dangerous virus, and potentially putting their lives and health at risk, as well as the lives and health of their families.

In Marin, as of March, 2020, a living wage is $20.82 for an adult, no dependents, and $40.53 for an adult with 1 child. Marin County has higher income inequality than San Francisco, some of the highest in the nation.

A living wage is necessary for Good Earth employees to live and survive, even in more "normal" times.

The Good Earth is a great store because of the workers who make it run.
Without them it is just a building.

It should now be very clear to us all, how all workers have always been the glue that holds our society together.

The people who keep food on our shelves during this health crisis, are heroes, and deserve to be paid accordingly, or at least a living wage.

Thank you.