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Stray Dogs Should Stay

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Stray Dogs Should Stay

Hundreds of stray dogs are wandering by the streets every day. Most of them are trying to survive cycle but without care, they might die as early as a puppy. With this project, we will give them a home, a new hope for them, to let them experience what it feels to have a family. The cruelty people is raising today is very chaotic because of the recent news that they cut the dogs into pieces and post it in the internet for attention. We want to raise awareness to the people that dogs' lives matter too as much as ours. With the help of the government officials, people who are willing to help, and people that will be soon aware of this problem, we can start a change. Every coin and second counts since it would be very helpful to the dogs having a new shelter and care. They may be stray but with love, they may feel to be at home comfortably. We ask for help to PAWS, Local Government Officials, PETA, and other animal help association to have a heart and start taking care of stray dogs. Our vision for this petition is to find a decent shelter and supervision to the scattering dogs on the streets. The goal is to help as much as we can and give cognizance to people who has potential in helping those dogs. The mission is to have a cooperation with PAWS and start an action of responsibility,  petition about the said topic, and raise awareness for more serene change. Every donation and time to see that the stray dogs are being cared for is enough. Simply drop a coin since it counts as help to the stray dogs. Allot a time to see and bond with them just how pets would do. Stray dogs aren't necessarily stray but animals that can be pets with a change of heart.


It is not something new that we see dogs who are being abused by their owners or just being abused by the people around them. Frightened, scared, and scarred, that's what they feel when you strike something that is not really meant for striking upon them. Dogs are loving companion, who can cry for you, follow you, serve you, and especially love you. Not only us humans feel tension, stress, anxiety, and trauma, dogs also has the same feelings as much ours, the only difference is WE can do something BETTER about it. Be the voice of the dogs bark and stop this abuse. Start giving them the proper love and shelter for a better connection.


Our vision on this petition is this is not only a obligation to run, but a passion with love too. Love for dogs is truly undeniable because of their sweet furry tail, lovable pup eyes, and loving attitude. This group has an excessive love for animals that's why running this petition is one of the easy ways to connect with people who has the same perspective as we are, to save the stray puppies and dogs. In just one click you can support this group in running this petition/campaign against abusive act towards stray dogs. Today we can make a change and we need you to start it.

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