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Paws on Pearl Street Mall: Allow dogs on the Pearl Street Mall, remove section 6-1-17.

Boulder Colorado is a city of activity and outdoor living. People in Boulder have lots of dogs and should be allowed to bring their dogs with them when they what to go for a walk and not feel like they have to avoid an area of downtown just because there are no pets allowed. Dog owners and non dog owners need to band together and push our elected officials to remove this law that obstructs the free nature of activity that Boulder has become loved for.

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  • Office of the City Council
    City of Boulder, CO.
  • City Council
    Tim Plass
  • City Council
    Suzy Ageton
  • Chief of Police
    Mark Beckner
  • Deputy Mayor
    Lisa Morzel
  • City Council
    George Karakehian
  • City Council
    Suzanne Jones
  • City Council
    Macon Cowles
  • City Council
    KC Becker
  • Mayor
    Matt Appelbaum
  • City Council
    Ken Wilson

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