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Petition Jim Davis to redraw the pipe strip comic for it's 40th anniversary this year.

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July 27, 2018 marks the fortieth anniversary of the famous work of art that is the Garfield pipe strip. A three panel comic strip that can be deconstructed and analyzed in almost any way, shape, or form. It's premise is simple: A man, Jim Davis, reaches to grab his smoking pipe, but is confused to find nothing is there. In the second panel, he exclaims the now infamous sentence, "Now where could my pipe be?". He then finds out that his orange cat, who is of an unhealthy weight, has acquired his purple, wooden smoking pipe and has begun to utilize it in a fashion similar to Jims. Jim responds by exclaiming the cat's name "GARFIELD!!!". In the sequel, aired the day after, we see Jim grabbing his pipe from Garfield, only to find that by the magic of witchcraft that his cat has instantly spawned another pipe. This groundbreaking, history-making comic has inspired many others like it, including "Loss", and more recently, "The Bike Comic". It's simple structure and form is something that can be easily changed into almost anything and still work. It's a comic that doesn't age with time; if anything, with each time you read it becomes better and better. It is a true work of art, rivaling that of even Mona Lisa, Piccaso, Beethoven, and many other influential creators in history. It is a comic that will never be forgotten and will always remain in U.S. history, which is why I believe that it should be redrawn for the comic's fortieth anniversary, on July 27, 2018

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