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I'm a Muslim, and I'm not a terrorist.

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Am I not Australian? Why have I become the source of fear on our streets? Why have girls who choose to cover their heads with scarves become the face of terrorism in our cities? Why have a handful of people become so loud in expressing hate for my religion that they want to implement a Royal Commission on my faith? 

I know that terrorism is an issue, and I know that its not just a swipe under the carpet conversation; it’s a very big concern.But it’s not just a concern for the Caucasian citizens of this country, it’s a concern for every single person who calls this soil, their home. 

Like Sam Dastyari spoke on Q&A last night, I was also only 4 years old when my parents immigrated to this country. Can you imagine if my parents; two qualified doctors coming onto this land to provide a service for the country; were told to leave with their two children because of where they came from and for what they believed in… Imagine if I was never given the opportunity to grow up with the people that I grew up with, if I wasn’t allowed to be educated through one of the finest systems in the world, or if I wasn’t able to go to university and study a degree with the aim to give back to a community that gave me so much; a country which has made me who I am today. 

Tell me how a 4 year old child today, on the borders of our country is screaming words of terror? How is a 4 year old child causing fear in our hearts? How is a 4 year old child today, any different to the 4 year old me, 17 years ago. Border control? Yeah, sure. But do your research. When people like Pauline Hanson and Sonia Kruger address the issue of terrorism as being an issue caused by Muslims, it boils my blood. 

The number of Muslims the West has murdered for oil is sickening; the number of Muslims lives that are ignored because they lie below the poverty line is heartbreaking; the number of Muslims who have been killed by these same barbarians in the last 3 months in uncountable. So tell me, are Muslims not also mourning the loss of their loved ones? Do they not want to yell and scream in the faces of these dogs? Is the pain of a mother who lost her child in France, deeper than the pain of a widow in Iraq? 

Please don’t tell me that when I defend myself, as an Australian Muslim in this country that I am shutting down your freedom of speech. Please don’t tell me that your bigot viewpoints are creating your beloved ‘One Nation’. Just don’t. 

I am not stopping your freedom of anything; this is YOUR country… I am trying to stop the spread of hatred that you’re spilling out of your mouths. Yes, terrorism is an issue; tackle it. Yes, radical Islam is a concern; tackle that too. But do not try and tell me that I belong in that same filthy basket as those beasts. Don’t tell me that I cause fear or that my presence is uncomfortable to you, because of my faith.

Your fight is the same as mine, against the spur of extremism on our streets, so that my children will be safe in this society just as yours will be. 

I am an Australian, and I am a Muslim. I will fight with you to destroy terrorism in this country, but you have to learn to love me first.

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