Keep Commercial Flights Out Of Paulding County, GA!

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Keep Commercial Flights Out Of Paulding County, GA!

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Citizens for a Better Paulding County started this petition to Commission Chairman and Airport Authority Board Member David A. Austin and

CEO Brett Smith of Propeller Investments – whose 2012 attempt to commercialize Briscoe Field in Gwinnett County, GA failed due to public outcry and opposition – made a "very quiet" deal with the Paulding County Airport Authority (Calvin Thompson, Boyd L. Austin, David A. Austin, Blake Swafford, Doris Devey, Carolyn Wright, Alan Shipp, James C. Underwood, Kerry Tidmore, Ellis Aston and their attorney, Tom Cable) behind closed doors to commercialize the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport – a county owned, taxpayer supported general aviation airport – in November, 2012, which was then kept secret from the public for nearly a year.      

In addition to opposing the manner in which this unethical contract that violates public trust and the residents’ democratic rights was handled by our Airport Authority and elected officials, residents oppose a commercial airport because it would greatly diminish the quality of life in Paulding County and its surrounding counties. 

Paulding County has many wonderful things to offer, while its rural beauty and peaceful living are among its greatest strengths. The citizens of Paulding County have chosen to live here because of the quality of life it offers, which allows us to raise our families and live our everyday lives away from the hustle and bustle of more congested counties. It’s what we value and appreciate, and what the commercialization of the airport threatens to take away.

Although we understand the value of creating growth and jobs within our county, we do not believe this should or could be achieved by bringing commercial airlines to Paulding. The price each of us would pay everyday far exceeds the benefit such an endeavor could offer. We cannot be protected from the dangers of a commercial airport!  Noise pollution, cancer-causing air pollution, toxic jet fuel fallout, devastated property values, increased taxes, increased crime, increased traffic and road congestion, increased illness, and the disruption of classrooms, church services, hospital and sleep are the sad realities for the residents of Paulding County if this unnecessary airport expansion occurs.  
There is no need for another commercial airport so close (35 miles) to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport -- the world's #1 busiest airport.  The City of Atlanta opposes the commercialization of Silver Comet Field at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport because of the adverse impact it would have on operations at Hartsfield-Jackson – the state's #1 economic engine.  Still, county residents, who can have the greatest impact, are needed to speak out against this atrocity by voicing their opposition.  Let's protect ourselves from corporate greed by preserving the integrity of Paulding County and the entire state of Georgia by killing this deal!

Please sign this petition expressing your opposition of a Paulding County commercial airport to our Board of Commissioners, County Mayors, Paulding County Airport Authority and Chamber of Commerce.

It is very important that your individual efforts do not stop with a signature on this petition.  Everyone needs to contribute by taking the following actions: 

1. Discuss and forward this petition and our website to friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members.  And visit us at Stop Paulding County Airport Expansion

2. Call or email your Paulding County Commissioners and Mayors to make them understand how you feel, and that you will not vote for any official supporting expansion of the airport.

3. Write comments and letters to Paulding County newspapers.

4. Attend BOC and Airport Authority Meetings!

This is a significant undertaking and will require the support of all opposed citizens.  Please pass this petition onto as many people as possible.  Thank you!










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This petition had 742 supporters

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