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Reduce the euthansia rate of Paulding County animals



We are an animal advocacy movement, asking for the 11 steps of 'No Kill' to be implemented in our Paulding County, Georgia Animal Control Facility. We want to save all healthy and treatable homeless pets in Paulding. We want to increase our save rate from 45% to 90+%.

The 11 Steps of the No Kill Paradigm

We can make Paulding a more humane community and a safe place for homeless pets. Please join us in seeking these policy changes

Letter to
Paulding County Commissioners
David Austin
Reduce the euthansia rate of Paulding County animals

The 11 Steps of the No Kill Paradigm

1.A Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Program. TNR has been proven to actually reduce the feral cat population. Feral cats account for approximately 25% of the cats killed. 100% of feral cats that go into Animal Control will be killed because they are not adoptable pets.

2.High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter. This will reduce the number of animals that ever enter the shelter. Allowing the resources to be allocated to saving more lives.

3.Rescue Group Involvement. By transferring as many animals to rescue groups as possible, resources are reserved, and the life saving rates increase.

4.A foster care program is a low cost and often no cost way to increase the shelter’s capacity and provide more one on one care for the animals.

5.Comprehensive Adoption Programs. Programs responsive to our needs, such as, public access hours for working people, offsite adoptions, adoption incentives and effective marketing. Adoptions immediately save lives and increase revenue.

6.Pet Retention Programs. Owner Surrenders account for 40% of the animals processed through Animal Control, and 41% of those that are killed. Let’s help owners solve the problems and develop strategies to keep people and their pets together.

7.Medical and Behavioral Programs must be in place to keep the animals healthy so they can move efficiently through the system. It is important to have comprehensive vaccination, handling, cleaning, socialization, and care policies in place before animals get sick. And then have rehabilitative procedures for those that come in sick, injured, unweaned, or traumatized.

8.Public Relations/Community Development. If the community is aware of the shelters needs and successes, they will be able to successfully get involved. The community will be able to increase adoptions, donations, and recruit volunteers. These things are not possible without good public relations and marketing.

9.Volunteers make the difference between success and failure, and in this case, life and death. Volunteers work out of love and compassion and No Kill is not possible without them. There are always more needs than the paid staff can accomplish. We need an army of volunteers to achieve No Kill in Paulding.

10.Proactive Redemptions are an easy, yet often overlooked area for increasing the save rate at any shelter. Only an average of 9% of pets are reclaimed from the shelter. We must be proactive in advertising found pets, and in instituting ways for owners and lost pets to be reconnected.

11.A compassionate director who is unwilling to continue with the old way of saving a few and killing the rest. We must put aside the excuses of public irresponsibility and overpopulation. While those situations may exist, we must do what needs to be done to overcome them. The director must be determined to rigorously implement all of the steps of No Kill, to their fullest, or we can never achieve No Kill.

We can make Paulding a more humane community and a safe place for homeless pets. Please join us in seeking these policy changes

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