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Prosecute Nicole Christine Ramos for the death of JONATHAN "Johnny" LARUE.

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My 19 year old Son, Johnny was born on 7-10-92. His life ended on 6-19-12 due to massive injuries to his legs, body, neck and head, in a horrific car crash. The car was driven by Nicole Christine Ramos and owned by Philip Molitor, who was also killed in the crash. She was under the influence of Heroin and other illegal substances. She had scrapes and bruises, but was for the most part unhurt. When she realized she had killed both passengers, she denied driving the car to escape being arrested for their deaths. My Son had three neurological disorders, which led him to have a poor understanding of consequences. He was unaware his life would end when he accepted a ride from her after she had been observed by others injecting Heroin. The CHP investigation lasted more than one year. They determined without any doubt that Nicole Christine Ramos was at fault. All DNA findings proved this to be true. Although, she has denied it, all evidence proves she was the driver, along with various eyewitnesses. According to the CHP Investigative report, Nicole Christine Ramos stated (while being attended to in the ER) That she was driving the car and would be going to jail for killing 2 people.Then, she attempted to flee the ER to avoid arrest. After admitting fault, (to the ER Nurse) she later denied she was the driver and claimed to be a victim. She has been arrested and released many times since 6-19-12 on drug, theft, stolen property charges and more, to this day she has not been charged with any matters relating to the crash, resulting in two fatalities. The District Attorney has not charged her for the death of my Son or Mr. Molitor. They have given me no reasonable explanation for their lack of actions. The last time I spoke with the DA's Office it was suggested to me that I get a hobby and put this all behind me. Losing Johnny has destroyed my life, please help me find justice for my Son, Johnny LaRue, his life was important. Please sign and share this Petition. Sincere Thanks from Johnny's Family.

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