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On September 2, 2012, three teenagers took turns sexually assaulting 15 year old Audrie Pott while she lay unconscious. They each wrote lewd comments all over her nude body, front and back on every private part, with indelible markers. They colored half of her face black. They used their fingers to penetrate their defenseless victim. They took pictures of their crime as trophies and at least two of them shared them with others. Audrie was subjected to ridicule and cruel “slut shaming” due to the dissemination of these photos and the spreading of vicious lies about her. Having been unable to take it anymore and believing that death was her only way out, Audrie ended her life by suicide a mere 8 days later.

It is important to note that the crimes committed against Audrie would have resulted in rape charges in many states, specifically Tennesse with the Vanderbilt case and Ohio with the Stubenville case. But not in California. The criminal charges and identities of her assailants were protected by the juvenile justice system in place in California.

Audrie’s parents have persistently urged administrators to expel these sex offenders based on the current powers set forth in the Califonia Education Code. To date, no disciplinary actions have been taken against these students by their high schools, despite the fact that they have each admitted to their crimes. There is no mystery as to what they did, both during the assault and during the week that followed, as conclusively revealed by a thorough investigation by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. They clearly did not learn their lesson as at least two of these assailants, even after Audrie died, continued to “slut shame” other minor female girls by disseminating nude or semi-nude pictures of them. Despite this, none of these assailants had to miss a single day of school and were permitted to fully participate in high school athletic programs.

The Pott family feels strongly that these sex offenders are a danger to the community. Allowing these students to continue attending these schools sets an example to other students and athletes that this type of criminal behavior will be tolerated without regard for victim’s rights or the safety of the other students on campus. Because of their actions, Audrie will not be able to graduate from high school, and her assailants should not have the honor of walking across that stage either.

Please join us in asking Saratoga High School and Christopher High School to expel these sex offenders.

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