Demand protection for Mueller's work and final report publication on the connection between Russia and Trump.

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Once upon a time...  Sara Sanders gave the real reason for firing James Comey, former FBI Director.   In response to a question regarding the investigation of Trump's campaign ties to Russia she responded: "I don't see any change or disruption there... the bigger point on that is...'When are they [democrats?] going to let that go?'"

 A conspiracy between Trump, his team, and Russia is far more serious than even Watergate as stated by Richard Painter, former ethics counsel under the George Bush administration.   That's why people can't let it go.  It's TREASON!   "This country has to be protected from Russian espionage," stated Mr. Painter.   He continued - "Of course we need a special [independent] prosecutor."  However an independent prosecutor may take a lot more time to provide evidence for Congress to take action.  Meanwhile, with Trump at the helm to deal with new crises that arise (whether or not of his making) our democracy becomes more at risk.  What else can be done? 

It's time for Congress to commit to protecting Mueller and the publication of his results on what went on between Trump, his team, and Russia without the ability of Trump or those under his influence to obstruct the process.   Whatever congressional action is required to do this must be taken.  

Allowing Trump and his defenders to stall the process, or bury the report will put this country in great danger.   It's time for the Republicans in Congress and the Senate to step up... recent actions by President Trump make it imperative to do so!  The alternative is for our country to become an appendage of Putin, and have democratic ideals crushed under authoritarian rule.



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