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Stop MUNI's "Hate on Wheel's Program". Remove Racist Ads from MUNI buses.

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San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency has a policy against political ads on its buses, but a recent ad is not only overtly political, but blatantly racist. The ad says, "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad." So we are petitioning Paul Rose of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to remove the ads.

Mr. Rose,

It was with great sadness that I read of MUNI giving into those that spread hate and racism in our community. Declaring a whole people “savages” belongs in the dustbin of 19th century colonial racism, not on a city bus in the 21st Century of a progressive city like San Francisco.

Such organized hate has consequences, Mr. Rose. We saw it this month in the senseless slaughter of innocents in Oak Creek, Wisconsin as families were worshipping together. We saw it again in Joplin, Missouri when a mosque was burned down to the ground just days later. We saw it last year in Norway as Anders Breivic, a man inspired in part by the writings of the very same people sponsoring this MUNI ad campaign, killed 77 people.

Enough is Enough!

We call on MUNI to immediately remove these ads and to apologize to the whole Bay Area for allowing their vehicles to be used as a “Hate on Wheels” program for those who wish only to increase polarization in our community. MUNI also must especially apologize to the Palestinian and Muslim communities here in the Bay Area, as it has, unwittingly, perhaps, put their lives at greater risk.

Many would welcome an open and clear debate regarding the wisdom of continued US financial support of Israel's military activities. It could include ads on buses from many different perspectives. There is nothing wrong with that political debate. But this ad, declaring a whole people as nothing more than mere savages, is without any genuine political value. It is racist to its core.

Remove the ads now!

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