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Tell the organizers of the Bloomsburg Fair to stop exploiting innocent animals.

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Fairs serve as a source of entertainment and a gateway to 
education for many visitors but there is no reason for these things to be at the expense of innocent animals. These fairs have a unique opportunity to educate visitors on a very wide range of topics (from farming, sustainability and innovation to history, crafts, gardening and mechanical engineering...and beyond) This platform should be used responsibly and in a way that will IMPROVE our communities and our world. What should be being taught and encouraged is the importance of hard work, innovative thinking, progress, respect and compassion for all living things.  They should not promote the unnecessary, out dated, questionable (at best) and inhumane (at worst) exploitation of animals.The Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, Pa should commit to animal welfare and discontinue all inhumane shows and exhibits at  future fairs. Some of the shows in question involve Tigers, elephants, domestic animals like dogs, farm animals in tiny enclosures, mutton busting, etc The care of domestic, farm and exotic animals is a tremendous responsibility. Shows like this damage the psychological well-being of animals forced to spend months on the road in tiny cages, and can also physically harm them because of training methods used to make these shows possible. Ringling Bros. was(finally) forced to retire their elephants, Sea World was forced to make major changes after Blackfish but yet these animals in smaller venues are still very much overlooked. The Bloomsburg Fair should encourage and support animal welfare by eliminating acts and exhibits like these at the fairgrounds. 

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