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Tresemme Cosmetic Testing is Killing Innocent Animals

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End Tresemme Animal Cruelty

In Pennsylvania, thousands animals are being cruelly tested on each day. This arbitrary testing is important to end, because a large percentage of animals who are used as test subjects don’t survive, and if they are lucky enough to survive, they will continue through life with an ailment that causes immense suffering. If you sign this petition, your signature makes our goal one step closer to being accomplished. This petition will save the lives of the innocent beings who are next in line for cruel testing, and it will keep them from being killed. Research shows that 274,000 animals are being tested on per day.

In the US, over 100 million animals are killed every year as a result of animal testing. Many varieties of makeup, face wash, lotions, and other assorted cosmetic products are created for humans at the expense of unknowing animals who suffer for something as vain as a mere surface appearance. Therefore, we as thinking and intelligent individuals are bound by duty to acknowledge the suffering caused at our own hands- and curtail it. In addition to the ethics, taxpayers pay 16 billion dollars a year to fund animal testing. Do you really want your hard earned money to go to the abuse of innocent animals? Although most can agree that animal testing is sometimes necessary, mostly it is not. Alternative methods and unnecessary cosmetic testing are both reasons to refute the need to test on animals.

Many companies have the resources available to introduce alternative methods to animal testing in their productions of goods. One of these methods is invitro testing. “Rather than hoping that an animal will respond like a human, invitro research is conducted in an external, controlled environment, such as a test tube or a petri dish. Because most illnesses do their work at a microscopic level, these experiments make ideal test beds for studying the course of human disease” ( Testing cosmetics on animals may not yield the same result it would on a human, so by using human cells in a controlled environment would be a much more sensible and humane way to test products.

In our society, there is a plethora of chemicals we put in our hair and on our skin. With all of these chemicals, it is rather surprising that we don’t ever become poisoned or ill. The reason why these products with an essay long ingredient list don’t harm us, is because they are constantly tested on animals. But is it really fair to the animals that lose their lives for our ridiculous fashion trends? It is not. We as a society should continue to research cruelty free alternatives and trust in scientists to guide us in a better, more clean direct.  We ask that you sign this petition to give animals the chance to have a happy and healthy life without poisonous chemicals. Tresemme says they do not test on animals, PETA says they do. Who do you believe? For further information click the link below.

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