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Keep the Ashview Community Garden Open, & Maintain the Quality of Life

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THE HISTORY: When we think about long standing garden operations and Atlanta current push to alleviate Food Deserts, the Ashview Community Garden is a trail-blazer in this movement. Started in 1995 with the aid of Cleta Winslow and Bill Cambell, our then community president Robert Abensett saw a vacant land owned by CSX and transformed it into a thriving community garden where youth, elders, and people trying to get back on the right path came together and literally built the type of nourishing environment that low-income communities need. 

THE PRESENT: The Ashview Community Garden currently does what it has historically done and more. It also symbolizes everything that the Beltline has put forth as its mission to develop communities along the Beltline in an equitable fashion and it aids the affordable housing mission as well. The Ashview Community Garden is helping residents of Ashview Heights mitigate their expenses by earning food simply by being involved in their community. The bicycles they also earn by aiding in the garden mitigate expenses and promote a healthy lifestyle. These methods stabilize income to allow residents to invest their income back into their homes. 

THE UNCERTAINTY: We still don't know why the Atlanta Beltline wants to close the entire garden for access. Access during the design phases was executed without disrupting the garden's operation. Why can't this be the same case? This questioning and uncertainty leaves us to believe there is something else that the Atlanta Beltline is not being transparent about. 

THE PRECEDENT: If access is granted through the Ashview Heights Community to commence construction over the next 3 years, then what is going to keep other foreseen construction projects from also utilize this lot as an access point? With a looming Streetcar project this would set the tone for construction vehicles running through Ashview Heights over the next 7-15 years (rough estimate). This is a Quality of Life Issue at its finest. No residential area deserves construction through their neighborhood over such a extended amount of time, and the Atlanta Beltline will set a very displeasing precedent. 


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